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MSL Housekeeping is perfectly positioned in the heart of Orange, Connecticut, a serene enclave known for its strong community spirit and scenic landscapes. Specializing in comprehensive cleaning services, MSL Housekeeping caters to a wide array of clients, from busy families in need of regular home maintenance to professionals desiring immaculate office spaces. Whether it’s the quaint residences of central Orange or the bustling commercial areas along the Boston Post Road, our services are meticulously customized to address the distinct needs of Orange’s varied clientele.

As a vital contributor to the local economy and community well-being, MSL Housekeeping captures the essence of Orange’s tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle. We are committed to making every space shine, ensuring peace of mind with our exceptional service quality and a dedicated approach to client satisfaction. Our skilled team guarantees that each cleaning project is executed with precision, transforming every environment into a pristine and inviting space.

Orange’s Charming Community

Nestled in New Haven County, Orange is a blend of rural charm and suburban convenience, offering residents a peaceful living environment with easy access to urban amenities. This town is celebrated for its beautiful parks, such as the sprawling Orange Center Historic District and Racebrook Tract, places where nature’s beauty is on full display.

The local culture thrives with community events like the annual Orange Country Fair, which fosters a sense of togetherness and celebrates local agriculture, crafts, and competitions. Educational excellence is a cornerstone of the community, with well-regarded schools and active youth sports programs nurturing the next generation.

Orange’s culinary scene is delightfully diverse, featuring everything from cozy diners and family-run pizzerias to upscale restaurants, offering a taste of both local and international flavors. The town also enjoys proximity to New Haven’s renowned culinary and cultural offerings, making it a quiet retreat with the vibrancy of the city within reach.

From the historic charm of antique homes to the modern designs of newer developments, Orange presents a rich tapestry of architectural styles that reflect its historical roots and contemporary growth. The town’s welcoming atmosphere makes it a desirable place for newcomers and long-time residents alike, offering a harmonious blend of traditional charm and modern convenience.

Whether you’re drawn to the quietude of suburban life or the active community engagement, Orange provides a serene backdrop and a welcoming community, making it an ideal place for both living and working. With MSL Housekeeping, every home and office in Orange can experience the utmost care and cleanliness, ensuring that the beauty of the town is reflected inside and out.

Neighborhoods and Zip Codes of Orange, CT

Orange, CT, is a charming tapestry of neighborhoods, each contributing to the community’s peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Here’s a closer look at some notable areas within Orange and their corresponding ZIP codes:

  1. Central Orange (06477): The heart of Orange, known for its well-maintained public spaces, local businesses, and community centers. It hosts the annual Orange Country Fair, a beloved local tradition.
  2. Racebrook (06477): This area is characterized by its open spaces and the prestigious Race Brook Country Club, offering residents a mix of residential tranquility and recreational activities.
  3. Turkey Hill (06477): Famous for the historic Turkey Hill School, this neighborhood boasts a mix of older homes and newer developments, reflecting Orange’s blend of tradition and modernity.
  4. Grassy Hill (06477): Known for its rolling hills and spacious properties, Grassy Hill is ideal for those seeking a quieter suburban experience with ample outdoor space.
  5. Oyster River (06477): Near the border with Milford, Oyster River is appreciated for its proximity to the coast and the Oyster River Shopping Center, providing convenient access to shopping and dining.
  6. Orange Center Historic District (06477): A picturesque part of town that preserves the charm of old Orange, with historic homes and buildings that echo the town’s rich past.

Each neighborhood enhances Orange’s serene quality of life, from the historic elegance of the Orange Center Historic District to the contemporary suburban feel of Grassy Hill. Whether you’re attracted to Turkey Hill’s educational heritage or Racebrook’s recreational offerings, Orange’s Premier Cleaning Service ensures that your surroundings are meticulously cared for, making your home or business a pristine and welcoming space.

Income and Education in Orange, CT

Orange, CT, reflects a range of income and education levels, indicating the town’s stable economy and a strong commitment to educational quality. Here’s a detailed exploration:

Income Levels:

  • Orange enjoys a prosperous economy with a median household income around $116,000, indicative of the town’s affluent suburban nature.
  • The economic conditions in Orange are consistently above average, with employment largely concentrated in sectors like healthcare, education, and professional services.
  • The proximity to major economic centers like New Haven enhances the financial stability and wealth distribution among residents, supporting a high standard of living.

Education Levels:

  • Orange places a high priority on education, as evidenced by the performance of its public schools and the educational attainment of its residents.
  • The town is served by the Orange School District and regional Amity Regional High School, both known for their strong academic programs and substantial community support.
  • Higher education opportunities are readily accessible, with several universities and colleges located nearby, including Yale University in neighboring New Haven, contributing to the town’s educated workforce.

Whether it’s the serene residential areas or the well-equipped public spaces, Orange’s blend of high-income levels and educational opportunities makes it an attractive place to live and grow

Schools in Orange, CT

Orange, CT, offers a supportive and enriching educational environment, serving the needs of a diverse student population. Here’s a detailed overview:

Public Schools:

  • The Orange Elementary Schools, including Race Brook School, Turkey Hill School, and Peck Place School, offer high-quality education from kindergarten through sixth grade, focusing on comprehensive development and learning.
  • Students from Orange attend the Amity Regional School District for grades 7-12, which includes Amity Regional Middle School and Amity Regional High School, both noted for their academic excellence and strong extracurricular programs.

Private Schools:

  • Orange is near several well-regarded private institutions in surrounding areas, offering more personalized education options that cater to specific academic or religious preferences.

Higher Education:

  • While Orange itself does not host a university, its proximity to New Haven provides easy access to several higher education institutions, including the prestigious Yale University, Southern Connecticut State University, and the University of New Haven, making higher education highly accessible to residents.

This educational framework ensures that Orange not only supports its young residents through quality schooling but also maintains a highly educated adult population, fostering a community geared towards continuous achievement and lifelong learning.

Public Transportation and Major Highways in Orange, CT

Orange, CT, offers reliable public transportation options and is accessible via several major highways, making travel and commuting straightforward for its residents:

Public Transportation:

  • While Orange itself does not have an extensive public transportation system like larger cities, it benefits from nearby services in the Greater New Haven area. The Milford Transit District provides bus services that connect Orange to neighboring areas, facilitating easy access to broader regional transit systems.
  • Additionally, the West Haven train station, located just a few miles from Orange, offers Metro-North Railroad service, which is particularly useful for commuters to New York City and other parts of Connecticut.

Major Highways:

  • Interstate 95 runs close to Orange, providing direct routes to major cities along the Northeast Corridor, including New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford.
  • Route 15 (Wilbur Cross Parkway) and Route 34 (Derby Avenue) are key arterial routes that run through Orange, supporting daily local traffic and connecting residents to various commercial and residential areas within and outside the town.

These transportation networks play a crucial role in connecting Orange with neighboring communities and larger urban centers, thereby supporting the town’s residential charm while offering the advantages of easy urban access. Whether for daily commuting or leisurely travel across the state, Orange’s location and infrastructure efficiently meet the needs of its community.

Things To Do in Orange, CT

Orange, CT, offers a variety of activities and attractions that make it an appealing destination for both residents and visitors. Here’s a list of things you can do in Orange:

Pez Visitor Center

The PEZ Visitor Center, located in Orange, CT, is a popular attraction that offers a fascinating insight into the iconic PEZ candy and its colorful dispensers.

Yale University Art Gallery

The Yale University Art Gallery, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is the oldest university art museum in the Western Hemisphere. It offers a rich and diverse collection that spans many different cultures and time periods.

B&B Flower Farm

B&B Flower Farm in Orange, CT, is a delightful destination for those interested in horticulture and the outdoors. While specific details about this particular farm may vary, none of the pesetas remained indifferent.


Bowlero in Orange, CT is a popular destination for bowling and entertainment. It’s part of the larger Bowlero Corporation, which operates bowling centers across the United States.

Glam Spa

Glam Spa in Orange, CT, is a well-regarded destination for those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. After long walks and bowling sessions, you can come here to experience the most relaxing time with a team of  great professionals.


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